Welcome back

We at S.M.A.C. would like to welcome you back for what we plan to be an awesome year in 2021.

We have completed some major upgrades to our centre and we have some major events planned for 2021.

New students are welcome at any time during the year and we accept the active kids vouchers so what are you waiting for, take the first step on an amazing journey and join S.M.A.C. today.


All of the instructor team at S.M.A.C. have completed the Martial Arts Industry Association COVID safe martial arts certification.

Procedures have been put in place to ensure we remain a safe place for you to train.

At S.M.A.C. we also require members to use the QR code for service NSW check in.

 2021 Timetable

On the timetable tab of this website you will see our 2021 timetable. This has been updated to now have 45 classes per week available.

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