upcoming gradingS

Now that we are back in the centre for classes all students will be assessed as to where they are with their curriculum. Students will be graded in smaller groups than in previous times and all students will be undertaking gradings in a closed door environment which we are happy to live stream for our students families.

 covid-19 Timetable

On the timetable tab of this website you will see that all classes have a 15 minute break between them. This is to ensure people are out before class changeover.

We have broken junior classes into rank grades to ensure people are learning with students of the same rank.

We have combined our Tiny Tigers & Lil'Dragons programs for the time being but this only temporary.

All students booking a class must do so through this website


All of the instructor team at S.M.A.C. have completed the Martial Arts Industry Association COVID safe martial arts certification.

Procedures have been put in place to ensure we remain a safe place for you to train.